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DMC Cebelia Crochet Cotton Thread, 50 gram balls

A superior 100% Cotton, 3-cord tightly twisted, mercerized, thread available in four sizes. It is wound on a small core resulting in a compact ball with high yardage. May be used wherever a sized cotton is recommended such as crocheting, knitting or tatting, needle and bobbin lace making, etc.

The DMC colors listed below are the same number and color as the DMC floss number and color.
Qty.Item #Qty.Item #Qty.Item #Qty.Item #QtyItem #Qty.Item #
Cebelia size 5 Thread, 141 yard ball
_____801d Brown (3 balls left)
Cebelia size 10 Thread, 284 yard ball
_____Ecru_____224d Light Dusty Pink (10)_____666 Brt Red_____747 Sea Mist Blue_____816 Garnet_____992 Aquamarine
_____White_____310 Black_____699 Christmas Green_____754 Beige Rose_____818 Baby Pink_____3033 Mocha Cream
_____B5200 Brt White_____437 Camel_____712 Cream_____797N Royal Blue_____842N Coffee Cream_____3326 Wild Rose
_____210 Violet_____524 Light Green_____743 Med Yellow_____799 Horizon Blue_____932d Dusty Blue (11 left)
_____223 Med Dusty Pink_____603N Pretty Pink_____745 Banana Yellow_____800 Sky Blue_____955 Nile Green
Cebelia size 20 Thread, 405 yard ball
_____White_____310_____699XXX762d_____842 NEW_____3033
_____B5200_____437_____712_____797 NEW_____922d (9 left)_____3052d (2 left)
_____210_____524_____743_____799_____932d (3 left)_____3326
_____223_____603 NEW_____745_____800_____955XXX3688d
_____619d (1 left)____747_____816
Cebelia size 30 Thread, 563 yard ball
_____Ecru_____224d (3 left)_____666_____747_____816_____992
_____B5200_____437_____712XXX797 NEW_____842 NEWXXX3326
_____210_____524_____743_____799_____932d (4 left)_____3688d (3 left)
_____223_____603 NEW_____745_____800_____955_____922d
DMC Traditions size 10 Thread, White & Ecru 400 yard ball, Colors 350 yard ball
Qty.Item #ColorQty.Item #ColorQty.Item #ColorQty.Item #Color
_____ECRUEcru_____B5200Bright White
_____5109Varigated_____5336Navy Blue_____5712Beige_____5798Delft Blue
_____5211Lavender_____5369Light Green_____5745Banana Yellow_____5800Sky Blue
_____5321Red_____5699Christmas Green_____5754Beige Rose_____5818Baby Pink
DMC Baroque Bedspread Weight Thread, 400 yard skein
A 100% super mercerized cotton especially suited for large projects such as tablecloths and bedspreads. Interchangeable with size 10, but slightly thicker.
_____EEcru_____WWhite_____818Baby Pink (6 left)_Disc_666Christmas Red
DMC Cordonnet Special Cotton Thread, 20 gram balls.
A 100% super quality, mercerized, 6-cord cotton. Also used for Tatting, Openwork, Lacework, Hardanger, and Drawn thread work.
_____E10Size 10 Ecru, 120 yds_____E30Size 30 Ecru, 208 yds_____E50Size 50 Ecru, 284 yds_____E70Size 70 Ecru, 350 yds
_____W10Size 10 White, 120 yds_____W30Size 30 White, 208 yds_____W50Size 50 White, 284 yds____W70Size 70 White, 350 yds
_____E20Size 20 Ecru, 175 yds_____E40Size 40 Ecru, 241 yds_____E60Size 60 Ecru, 317 yds_____E80Size 80 Ecru, 394 yds
_____W20Size 20 White, 175 yds_____W40Size 40 White, 241 yds_____W60Size 60 White, 317 yds_____W80Size 80 White, 394 yds
_____E100Size 100 Ecru, 470 yds_____W100Size 100 White, 470 yds
Hard to find Colors DMC Cordonnet Special Cotton Thread, 20 gram balls...Size 20, 174 yards.
A 100% super quality, mercerized, 6-cord cotton. Also used for Tatting, Openwork, Lacework, Hardanger, and Drawn thread work.
_____210Lt. Lavender (3 left)_____666Christmas Red (3 left)_____799Med. Blueberry (1 left)_____955Pale Emerald Frost (1 left)
_____310Black (1 left)_____745Lt. Grapefruit (1 left)_____800Pale Blueberry (1 left)_____960Med. Cafe Au Lait (5 left)
_____3326Lt. Rose Pink (1 left)
Hard to find Colors DMC Cordonnet Special Cotton Thread, 20 gram balls....Size 30, 216 yards.
_____960Cafe Au Lait (5 left)
Hard to find Colors DMC Cordonnet Special Cotton Thread, 20 gram balls...Size 40, 249 yards.
_____818Lt. Baby Pink (1 left)
_______Balls of Cebelia @ $5.10 each__________
_______Balls of Traditions @ $3.50 each__________
_______Skeins of Baroque @ $4.00 each__________
_______Balls of Cordonnet Special @ $3.95 each__________
_______Balls of Cordonnet Special, Hard to Find Colors @ $4.00 each__________
7.05% Sales Tax (KS):__________
Total Amount Enclosed:__________
Postage: 1 Ball - $2.50, Add $0.50 for the 2nd each additional ball. Box of 10 Balls - $8.00
Circle One:_____Check_____Money Order_____Visa_____Mastercard
City, State & Zip:________________________________________________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date:___________________________________________________________________
Thanks for Ordering! We Appreciate Your Business!

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