Patons Kroy Sock and Fingering Yarn

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Patons Kroy Sock and Fingering Yarn

85% Wool, 15% Nylon, Available in Two Weights

3-ply Weight: 1¾ oz. (50 gm) Skein, 262 yards. Gauge: 8 stitches = 1 inch on size 3 needles. Size D-3 Hook

4-ply Weight: 1¾ oz. (50 gm) Skein, 196 yards. Gauge: 7 stitches = 1 inch on size 3 needles. Size D-3 Hook

Color / DescriptionQtyKroy 3-plyQtyKroy 4-plyPriceTotal
TealXXX304____404 (5 left)4.00_______
Old Rose____318 (1 left)XXX4184.00_______
Kroy Socks sock yarn
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
4-ply Weight: 1¾ oz. (50 gm) Skein, 203 yards. Gauge: 28 stitches = 4 inchs on size 3 needles. Size D-3 Hook
Yarn DescriptionOty.ColorQtyColorPriceTotal
Kroy Socks Yarn____54006 Whitecap____54008 Muslin5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54010 Newport Tan____54011 Flax5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54012 Glencheck____54013 Hickory5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54040 Coal____54042 Gentry Grey5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54043 Harris Tweed____54044 Murcury5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54046 Flagstone____54047 Windsor Tweed5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54105 Regatta Blue____54106 Westport Check5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54108 Chelsea Tweed____54109 Admiral Blue5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54110 Norfolk Blue____54206 Shaded Spruce5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn____54240 Mallard____54405 Mahogany5.00_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Prints____54555 Fancy Free____54557 Candy Kisses5.25_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Prints____54561 Winter Eclipse____54565 Vista Sea5.25_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Prints____54567 Paint Box____54573 Stained Glass5.25_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Jacquards____54601 Denim Jacquard____54602 Country Jacquard6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Jacquards____54603 Crayon Jacquard____54604 Hip Hop Jacquard6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Jacquards____54605 Fruit Jacquard6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Stripes____54701 Kool Stripes____54801 Krazy Stripes6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Brights____54725 Royal Blue____54727 Retro Red6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Brights____54729 Mellow Yellow____54731 Orangina6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Brights____54733 Grass Green____54742 Blazing Blue6.50_______
Kroy Socks Yarn - Brights____54744 Pink Power6.50_______
Pattern Books using 3-ply and 4-ply Sock Yarn
Patons Classics in Kroy____92210.00_______
Patons Pull Up Your Socks!____5907.50_______
Patons Winter Warmth____9778.50_______
Patons Happy Feet____9886.50_______
Nomis All American Sock Book____Vol. 85.00_______
Beehive Family Sock Book____4214.00_______
Socks and Goves to Knit____6654.50_______
Mostly Men ____6674.50_______
Patons Gloves and Mitts____4064.50_______
Socks, Mitts and Glove for children____1404.50_______
Socks by Beehive____1134.50_______
Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Beehive____1064.50_______
The Sock Book by Jean Lampe, 5 designs
using fingering, sock & sport weights
Learn to Crochet Socks, by Kathy Wesley, 12 designs
using DK, sport & worsted weights
7.05% Sales Tax (KS)_______
Total Amount Enclosed_______
Postage: $3.00 for the first skein and / or book, Add $0.50 for each additional skein and / or book.
Circle One:_____Money Order_____Check_____Visa_____Mastercard
City, State & Zip:________________________________________________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date:___________________________________________________________________
Thanks for Ordering! We Appreciate Your Business!

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