Kreinik Mori & Serica Silk Floss

A Premium 6-ply spun Silk floss with a Luxurious sheen! It is easily divisible and will work in all stitches for all counted thread & embroidery techniques. The qualities of silk are unrivaled by any other fiber. Silk is everlasting--cotton fibers will fade and rot over time. Silk remains resilient and strong forever, making silk the choice fiber for heirloom pieces. Silk fibers are translucent and their ability to absorb and reflect light give the finished product a beautiful, pearlescent, shimmering luster. Silk is 1.4 times as strong as steel of the same diameter. Silk has excellent elasticity, resiliency and the ability to recover its dimensions when stretched or deformed. Note that dry cleaning is recommended for cleaning silk pieces as the dyes used to color silk are acid dyes which are soluble in warm or hot water.

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Kreinik Mori & Serica Silk Floss
Mori is a premium quality, 6-Ply, 100% Pure Silk floss.
Mori...6-Ply...5.5 yards...(5 meters)...Skein...$3.15 each
Serica...11 yards...(10 meters)...Spool...$3.15 each

Solid Colors
Qty. Item Num. Color Name Qty. Item Num. Color Name
_____ mori-1031 Baby Pink _____ mori-4203 Light Sage
_____ mori-1032 Lightest Pink _____ mori-4204 Medium Sage
_____ mori-1033 Light Pink _____ mori-4206 Dark Sage
_____ mori-1043 Light Cobalt Violet _____ mori-5013 Light Navy
_____ mori-1046 Dark Cobalt Violet _____ mori-5014 Medum Navy
_____ mori-1047 Very Dark Cobalt Violet _____ mori-5016 Dark Navy
_____ mori-1054 Medium Fuchsia _____ mori-5053 Light Slate Blue
_____ mori-1055 Medium Dark Fuchsia _____ mori-5055 Medium Dark Slate Blue
_____ mori-1057 Very Dark Fuchsia _____ mori-5057 Very dark Slate Blue
_____ mori-1092 Lightest Wood Violet _____ mori-5071 Baby Blue
_____ mori-1093 Light Wood Violet _____ mori-5073 Light Country Blue
_____ mori-1094 Medium Wood Violet _____ mori-5091 Ice Blue
_____ mori-1096 Dark Wood Violet _____ mori-5093 Light Royal Blue
_____ mori-1098 Wood Rose _____ mori-5095 Medium Dark Royal Blue
_____ mori-1103 Light Mauve _____ mori-5097 Very Dark Royal Blue
_____ mori-1104 Medium Mauve _____ mori-5102 Lightest Cerulean
_____ mori-1105 Medium Dark Mauve _____ mori-5103 Light Cerulean
_____ mori-1107 Very Dark Mauve _____ mori-5104 Medium Cerulean
_____ mori-1112 Flame _____ mori-5105 Medium Dark Cerulean
_____ mori-1113 Ligh Christmas Red _____ mori-5107 Very Dark Cerulean
_____ mori-1114 Medium Christmas Red _____ mori-5202 Lightest Periwinkle
_____ mori-1116 Dark Christmas Red _____ mori-5203 Light Periwinkle
_____ mori-1117 Very Dark Christmas Red _____ mori-5204 Medium Periwinkle
_____ mori-1119 Garnet _____ mori-6073 Light Mauve Mist
_____ mori-2013 Light Gold _____ mori-6074 Medium Mauve Mist
_____ mori-2014 Medium Gold _____ mori-6076 Dark Mauve Mist
_____ mori-2016 Dark Gold _____ mori-6083 Light Grape
_____ mori-2024 Medium Buttercup _____ mori-6086 Dark Grape
_____ mori-2026 Dark Buttercup _____ mori-6104 Medium Lavnder
_____ mori-2027 Very Dark Buttercup _____ mori-6106 Dark Lavender
_____ mori-2032 Lightest Lemon _____ mori-6107 Very dark Lavender
_____ mori-2033 Light Lemon _____ mori-6112 Lightest Wisteria
_____ mori-2063 Light Pumpkin _____ mori-6114 Medium Wisteria
_____ mori-2066 Dark Pimpkin _____ mori-6116 Dark Wisteria
_____ mori-3011 Very Pale Coral _____ mori-6123 Light Dusty Lavender
_____ mori-3013 Light Coral _____ mori-6124 Medium Dusty Lavender
_____ mori-3015 Medium Dark Coral _____ mori-6126 Dark Dusty Lavender
_____ mori-3017 Very Dark Coral _____ mori-6127 Very Dark Dusty Lavender
_____ mori-3021 Sherbert _____ mori-7012 Lightest Lead Grey
_____ mori-3042 Light Dresden Rose _____ mori-7014 Medium Lead Grey
_____ mori-3044 Medium dresden Rose _____ mori-7024 Antique Parchment
_____ mori-3045 Medium Dark Dresden Rose _____ mori-7082 Lightest Straw
_____ mori-4033 Light Kelly Green _____ mori-7086 Dark Straw
_____ mori-4034 Medium Kelly Green _____ mori-7087 Very Dark Straw
_____ mori-4036 Dark Kelly Green _____ mori-7124 Cream
_____ mori-4037 Very Dark Kelly Green _____ mori-7126 Ecru
_____ mori-4043 Light Teal _____ mori-7128 Beige
_____ mori-4044 Medium Teal _____ mori-7133 Light Bark
_____ mori-4046 Dark Teal _____ mori-7134 Medium Bark
_____ mori-4063 Medium Holly _____ mori-7135 Medium Dark Bark
_____ mori-4066 Dark Holly _____ mori-7136 dark Mocha
_____ mori-4067 Very Dark Holly _____ mori-8000 Soft White
_____ mori-4073 Lightest dusty Green _____ mori-8050 Black
_____ mori-4074 Medium Dusty Green _____ mori-8053 Light Ash Grey
_____ mori-4076 Dark Dusty Green _____ mori-8055 Medium Dark Ash Grey
_____ mori-4077 Very Dark Dusty Green _____ mori-8073 Light Charcoal
_____ mori-4162 Lightest Victorian Green _____ mori-8075 Medium Dark Charcoal
_____ mori-4163 Light Victorian Green _____ mori-8077 Very Dark Charcoal
_____ mori-4164 Medium Victorian Green _____ mori-8084 Medium Grey
_____ mori-4166 Dark Victorian Green _____ mori-8086 Dark Gray
_____ mori-4167 Very Dark Victorian Green _____ mori-9032 Lightest Neutral Flesh
_____ mori-4193 Light Jade _____ mori-9034 Medium Neutral Flesh
_____ mori-4196 Dark Jade
_______Skeins Mori @ $3.15 each= __________
_______Spools Serica @ $3.15 each= __________
_______Mori Silk Designer Package/s (1 each of 75 colors)(colors may vary) @ $225.00 each= __________
_______Mori Silk Designer Package (1 skein each of 142 colors) @ $447.00 each= __________
_______Mori Silk Milkpaint Designer Package (1 skein each of 58 colors) @ $183.00 each= __________
_______Serica Silk Designer Package (1 spool of 142 colors) @ $447.00 each= __________
_______Mori Silk & Serica Silk Color Card @ $10.00 each= __________
7.05% Sales Tax (KS)__________
Total Amount Enclosed__________
Postage:1 to 20 skeins: $3.00, Add $0.50 for each additional 10 skeins.
Postage:Designer Package: $5.00.
Circle One:_____Check_____Money Order_____Visa_____Mastercard
City, State & Zip:________________________________________________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date:________________________________________________________________
Thanks for Ordering! We Appreciate Your Business!

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