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SMALL Skeins NEEDLOFT Plastic Canvas Yarn
100% Nylon, 2mm, 2 ply yarn, 10 yd. Skein
QtyItem #Color NamePriceTotal
_____01Red (darker than 02 Christmas Red).75__________
Disc.02DChristmas Red.75XXXX
_____21Baby Yellow.75__________
_____28Christmas Green.75__________
_____35Sail Blue.75__________
_____36Baby Blue.75__________
_____41Natural (White).75__________
_____48Dark Royal.75__________
_____53Mermaid Green.75__________
_____56Flesh Tone.75__________
_____58Bright Orange.75__________
_____60Bright Blue.75__________
_____61Bright Green.75__________
_____62Bright Pink.75__________
_____63Bright Yellow.75__________
_____64Bright Purple.75__________
Remaining SMALL Skeins DARICE NYLON PLUS Plastic Canvas Yarn
100% Nylon, 2mm, 2 ply yarn, 20 yd. Skein
QtyItem #Color NamePriceTotal
_____24Eggshell (18 left)1.75__________
_____42Baby Yellow (21 left)1.75__________
_____60Mermaid Green (15 left)1.75__________
Remaining LARGE Skeins DARICE NYLON PLUS Plastic Canvas Yarn
The large skeins are discontinued. The following colors remain in limited quantities

100% Nylon, 2mm, 2 ply yarn, Approx. 100 yd. Skein
QtyItem #Color NamePriceTotal
_____02Black (3 left)8.00__________
_____19Red (3 left)8.00__________
_____26Yellow (2 left)8.00__________
_____31Holly Green (7 left)8.00__________
_____36Dark Brown (10 left)8.00__________
8.05% Sales Tax__________
Total Amount Enclosed__________
Postage:Small Skeins - $4.00 for the first 10 skeins, Add $2.00 for each additional 10 skeins.
Postage:Large Skeins - $4.00 for the first skein, Add $2.00 for each additional Skein.
Circle One:_____Check_____Money Order_____Visa_____Mastercard
City, State & Zip:________________________________________________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date:___________________________________________________________________
Thanks for Ordering! We Appreciate Your Business!

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